Accounting Service

To improve efficiency, strength control, save cost on financial operation, more and more enterprises are seeking professional accounting service firm to handle the heavy tasks on accounting. For those big enterprises, they can hire big accounting firm or professional business outsourcing firms with high price. However, small or medium size travel agencies have a hard time to find a tax firm with good service and low cost.

As the cloud computing emerges and business data can be saved centralized, finding the accounting service can be easily for small and middle size travel agencies. The professional financial experts now work closely with IT experts to handle the accounting information. All the business data and information generated from daily operation will be translated to standard and precise financial data. Therefore, travel agency now can be free from the boring and time consuming accounting task and focus on core operating business.

Merkur’s accounting service is aimed to help small and medium travel agencies who want to manage the financial system professionally. With the business data saved in Merkur’s centralized database, our financial experts can process your accounting information without any delay. Not only do we provide our clients with standard formatted accounting data, we also provide insightful financial reports. If you permit, our experts will give you advice or suggestions according to your financial situation.

Merkur’s financial experts are all certified accountants and experienced veterans in the finance field. Before we provide this service to travel agency, both Merkur and financial experts will sign legal agreements and confidential agreement which will define the service level you will enjoy.

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