Merkur System has been providing reliable management services and trustworthy management software to small and medium size travel agencies since 1995. Merkur's proven management software can help travel agencies to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and lower cost. Since the inception, Merkur has established itself as a professional software and technology provider for travel agencies. With more than thousands clients, Merkur is becoming a leading provider in the new age of travel technology. Now Merkur's world-class management software in SAAS model enables travel agencies to spend less and get more. With our cutting-edge technology, travel agency can scale the business in very agile way without any extra cost.

In addition to advanced management software, Merkur's business service team includes various experienced and professional experts such as software engineers, IT experts, finance experts and certified accountants. Our experts work closely with our clients to free their time so that the client can focus on managing the travel business.

In the past two decades, Merkur has never changed the mission of serving travel agencies with software products and business services. Our goal is to help travel agencies in small and medium size to provide better services to travelers. To achieve this target, Merkur is always embracing valuable innovations by trying out new concepts and technologies.

Now Merkur's "marketing solution" for travel agencies is bringing more direct benefits to our clients. With our clouding model software, professional business service and innovated marketing strategy using social network, Merkur's client can face the challenges in Internet age with greater confidence.

Merkur looks forward to be working with you!

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