Travel Office 9.0

Online booking websites are invading the traveling market and taking customers away from the travel agencies. The growth of internet users is the root reason that self service online booking websites are growing popular. The only thing travel agencies can count on to compete with travel websites is the service quality.

For small and medium sizes of travel agency, how to improve efficiency of business operation is a critical issue. It is always a balance between cost saving and service level. Especially in this changing world, travel agencies have to face the ebb and flow of economy by scale up/down the business size.

With more than 20 years experiences in travel technology and innovative products, Merkur’s Travel Office 9.0 is specially designed for travel agencies in small and medium sizes. With deep understanding in travel industry and the process of travel agency, Merkur’s Travel Office covers all the operation of travel agency from ticket booking, customer management, payment, accounting, etc. The complete control methodology and advanced management concepts in Merkur’s Travel Office enables travel agency to focus on business development. The features and functions include:

- Customer data
- Ticketing
- Invoicing, mailing
- Financial module
- Creating of financial accounts
- Plus/minus accounting
- Tracking of open invoices
- Data transfer from reservation
- Passenger lists systems (THY, OGER, PGS…)
- User management
- Supplier management
- Data import/export

Merkur Travel Office 9.0 is based on cloud computing technology. That means you can use it anytime and anywhere. You do not need to maintain your own server or even data center. What you need to do is to click the link and download the software. The time-consuming and expensive IT project turned into 10 minutes of internet surfing. And Merkur’s IT guys are ready to provide help anytime like your own support team. Because we are using innovative SAAS model, you will never worry about the technical issues.

Merkur Travel Office 9.0 is a combination of technology and art. Everything is easy for the user. You can use it like an internet applications.

Merkur’s principles are that “software should be easy to use” and “customer have right to choose”. Merkur’s policies:

1 months of trial – new client enjoys 1 months of trial period without fee.
Monthly rate – we charge customer every month. So there is no big investment for travel agency for license or machine.
Join/Leave plan – Travel agency can migrate to us anytime with our Join/Leave plan. We can help move the previous data into our system. Also to those unsatisfied clients who want to leave us, we provide data transfer service enable them to get all business data from our system in standard format.

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