Website/Mobile App

Now website and mobile app has become an important marketing tool for business operation. Most of the businesses start to see website and mobile app as a branding method and a portal to attract potential customers. No doubt, travel industry need fancy website/mobile app more than others because they are now facing business travelers or tourists with access to the world wide web.

For those small and middle size travel agencies, maintaining a website or mobile app is a time consuming and an expensive task. From the website and app design, to implementation, to going live, to maintenance and upgrade, all the troublesome technical work makes it is impossible for travel agencies to use website and app as a competitive advantage.

Merkur, as a partner of our travel agency client, provides services in website/app building and maintenance.

For paid clients of Merkur Software, you just need to fill in a form or send us an email to describe your requirements; Merkur’s team will make you a professional website. The building and development is totally FREE!

If you want Merkur to help with the website maintenance and internet promotion, then we just charge you with a basic cost. We can help you process all tasks include hosting, implementation, content maintenance, SEO, etc.

Please note this service is only for Merkur’s client.

For more detailed information, please contact Merkur without hesitation.

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