From last century, companies have been aware that customer relationship is a key engine for business. More companies started to define their customer strategies and policies. At the same time, more tools and software are available to the market customer relationship management and improvement.

For managing customer relation, CRM is created. However, the old CRM is not enough for the current business.
Old CRM is just tools to collect and save data.
Old CRM aims at traditional, real activities of customer – cyber world trends are often left out.
Old CRM on collect data for individual user, but does not make analysis of the social network or interaction of the user community.

It is time to change this situation.
Merkur’s CRM help you build customer relationship in internet era.
Merkur CRM is a working platform for sales and marketing representatives to do business and research.
Merkur CRM totally embraces the world wide web. You can find your customers through social network and interact with them through Merkur community.
Merkur CRM is information orientated, not data orientated.
Merkur CRM is totally FREE for our client. Just send us email to open an account and step into a new world of Social CRM.

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