How to use

Travel Office 9.0

“Software should be very simple”

One of the principles of Merkur is to make software very simple and easy to use for users. If you want to use Merkur Travel Office, then it takes only 1-2 hours to get started.


Registration is totally free. After simple registration, you can use our software for 6 months free of charge. We keep your information private and the simple information is collected to used for identify your business and to enable us to provide support to you.

  1. Leave simple information about you, fill in the registration form. Please use correct information because the support will be based on this registration information. Want to register? Click this link
  2. When you finish this form, then the system will send you an email which requests you to activate your account. Click on the link in the email which will log you into our system.

You need to download a client side from our system. This client is totally based on web technology. The reason that you need to install it on your computer is to make the operation fast and easy. And you don’t need to open your browser, and enter the URL each time.

  1. After you activate the account, you can download our software. It takes several minutes.
  2. The software will be installed on your current computer automatically.
  1. Configuration is simple. It is different according to your requirements. The possible configuration include: create user, input bank information, create account code, input supplier, etc.
  2. Just contact our support team through internet or phone. They will help you with the setup and configuration step by step.

Ok, you can explore Merkur Travel Office. It is simple to start, but you will find that Merkur has everything you need.


The application is generally very simple to use. Just within a few second you can transfer data from online booking systems and create invoices and financial transactions.

Application does not require a very deep training, is very self confident and stable.


If you want to use Merkur’s CRM, just register and fill in the form. After activate your account, you can use our CRM by login from website.

For those clients who are already user of Merkur Travel Office, just login with your user name and password.

Website/Mobile App

If you want to build a website or mobile app, you need to contact Merkur by email or telephone.

Please note that Merkur build website and app free of charge only for the clients who are using paid service from Merkur.

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This is only an example of the web interface design, please contact us for more information.

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