To be a leading player in the travel industry while constantly improving the travel experience by integrating technology, information and services, and travel services.


Create management software for small and medium size travel agencies.

Provide professional service and support to assist travel agencies to work more efficient.

Provide professional data management service for travel agency to do business smart.

Build information platform for travel agency to improve their service quality.


Always try to be honest to ourselves and others. Never stop the seeking of truth in our heart.

Work in passion. Innovation and creativity will be powered by our Passion. What makes us a team is only the same passion we share on our cause.

Think freely and work perfectly. All our team members are working equally and think freely. Perfect ourselves in the process of perfecting our products and services.


'In the past 5 years, I have been working with Merkur System almost every day. With their excellent software and qualified service, I have made my travel business a big success. Here I want to thank Merkur team member for the efforts and suggestions in getting our business operated. And it's hard to find the words to describe the service that the team has given us from the start to the end. Many thanks to the excellent team at Merkur.

- Michael Harr, Operation Manager


'We are very satisfied with the performance of Merkur’s online application. It definitely meets our requirements and exceeds our expectations. With the application, my 5five offices and ten operators can provide booking services to customers quickly. This is important to travel agency business as all the travelers deserve the quality service when they come to travel agency instead of online booking website. Merkur’s 7x24 professional services ensure that we have no concerns to expand our business in a swift approach. In the fierce competition, being agile makes quite a difference. I believe our employees and customers are happy with it and the application will help us to promote our business in the future. I appreciate what Merkur’s team has done for us '

- Ross Doglars MV Travel Inc

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